Gamify your teaching

Gamify your Teaching is an Erasmus+ project which aims to develop an entrepreneurship simulation educational game.


The main aim of the Gamify Your Teaching project is to support professional development of vocational competences of teachers and trainers of entrepreneurship and to enhance ICT teaching through an innovative pedagogy and approach to teaching with the use of gamification.

To achieve this aim, the project puts forward two general objectives:

to create and test of simulation game with practical elements covering 7 entrepreneurship subject areas
to create and test methodology (didactic materials for Teachers) of teaching entrepreneurship with the use of the gamification
The project will directly engage VET Teachers from Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain and Greece. The Teachers will participate in various stages of the project expressing opinions and testing didactic materials prepared especially for them. Also the students will be directly involved in activities. At the beginning they will tell game creators about expectations regarding the game, they will test and evaluate it.